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Wild World of Creative

If you work in marketing you know how challenging it can be to cut through all the noise out there to capture even a fleeting moment of distracted attention from your audience. Sometimes it feels like you’re gaining traction, maybe even winning, the emails are coming in and the phones are ringing; and other times it feels like you’re losing an uphill battle. Exploring new and innovative ways to capture attention and tell your brand story can take a lot of time and effort. But part of what makes our jobs as marketers exciting is finding the next sticky idea or campaign that will make you a hero to your bosses and within your organization. We can totally relate.

Enter The Wild World of Creative–our latest noise-shattering, tangible, call-to-action campaign venture. Leaning heavily on storytelling instead of product, we created an experience to capture imagination and curiosity about what the heck we do over here at Creative. 

3 things that reallyyy helped this campaign come to life:

Wild World of Creative

1. Artist Collaboration

We are a team of creative individuals inspired by art, nature, and adventure in all aspects of our lives, so it seemed fitting to translate those elements into a story about who we are, what we do, and the value we bring as a partner. And we wanted to make a bold statement.

In collaboration with local illustrator and designer Grayce Holcomb, we dreamed up the concept for the Wild World of Creative–a story that would be told through original artwork used in 3D view master slides and on a custom box. Grayce’s adventurous spirit, love of witty storytelling, and whimsical illustrations made her the ideal creative partner to bring this journey to life. Grayce created an imaginative visual narrative that takes us on a road trip adventure away from the noisy city labyrinth to the peak of a faraway mountain to find our next big win. That place where we can plant our flag and say, “We did it–together!”

2. Analog Moment in a Digital World

Analog and nostalgia are having a major trending moment, especially in design and fashion. It gives us warm fuzzy feelings when something reminds us of the past, so it makes sense that we’re seeing trends from the 70s and 90s coming back. 

We love that an iconic toy from our childhoods like a view master can be reimagined for brand storytelling. This analog engagement disrupts our over-stimulated digital-centric brains to give us a moment of tangible nostalgia and wonder. 

Wild World of Creative

3. Thoughtful Hybrid Engagement

So much of marketing today is focused on digital channels. It makes sense. That’s where you can get all the data. That’s where you can easily track ROI, audiences, impressions, and on and on. At Creative, our primary services revolve around tactile brand experiences.

For the Wild World campaign, we wanted to create a hybrid experience. One that thoughtfully weaved well-curated digital elements with our beloved tactile touchpoints. Outside of social media (see the campaign and follow us for more stories and inspo), you can find the campaign landing page here and our Road Tripping Spotify playlist here to get a taste of how we tapped into digital channels to keep campaign engagement up. 

Are you ready to go on your own adventure with Creative? Get started here. Email us hello@creative.promo or call us 479.443.7787.

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