REAL TALK: Creating the Small But Mighty Tool Kit

Creative Small But Mighty Tool Kit

Ok, real talk.

Around here we talk a lot about creating memorable experiences through strategy and product. It’s what we do every day and we love it, but what does that really mean to you? Totally valid question. Hey, you’ve got bosses too—or maybe you are the boss! In both cases, what you actually want to know is; how this type of project can be executable and within budget. So let’s talk about that.

We just put together a gift experience for some of our top clients and prospects to kick off 2021, or 2020 2.0 as we’re calling it right now. Maybe you received one and you’re ready to hit the go button. The Small But Mighty Tool Kit is a great example of how to create a meaningful, memorable experience with a kit that tells a story and is easy on the bank account. So let’s dig right into why we made it and how it came together. Pro Tip: If you’re having a little FOMO, sign up for our Gift Club to get awesome stuff!

Creative Small But Mighty Tool Kit

WHY We Made It 

As creative strategists, brand experts, and product fanatics, we know a thing or two about creating a story through tangible experiences that lead with why, not what. Like you, we are running a business. While cool products and strategy development may be our expertise, our business truly thrives on relationships and engagement. That means we have to get the actual things into the actual hands of clients and prospects to show them the value of partnering with us. 

The concept for the Small But Mighty Tool Kit was born out of this need. We started with a goal to create something memorable for the end-user that would start a conversation and reinforce our position as a trusted strategic partner.

HOW It Came Together

With our WHY, a one-month timeline, and a modest budget leading the way, our team got to work brainstorming how to tell this story with some really cool products. We put together lists and moodboards for different concepts—ultimately landing on a tool kit story, because as your partner, Creative is a versatile tool that can help you reach your target audience and business goals. 

Here’s what we chose (and why) to be part of our Small But Mighty Tool Kit: 


Creative Multi-Tool

Super versatile, multi-functional, and ready for anything,  just like us. This awesome credit card sized tool can do so many things! Our approach to strategy and product is not one-size-fits-all. We do a lot of things for our clients. Sometimes we need to be a screwdriver or a wrench. Other times we need to use all the tools.

Creative Cut Once Tape Measure

Cut Once Tape Measure

Precision is a key component of everything we do. We obsess over the tiny details because as your trusted partner, it matters to us. We use a lot of tools in our line of work, but it seems like we’re always looking for a tape measure. Utility is meaningful.


All The Things Bag

Think of us as your one-stop-shop for branded merchandise strategy. You have a story to tell and that’s important to us. Let’s bring it to life together. We are creative strategists, branding experts, and storytellers. We love this vinyl waterproof bag as a catch-all for all the little things we need to grab and go!


Elevate The Experience

Little thoughtful touches like personalized cards, hand-written notes, or packaging elevate a gift experience from that’s cool, to WOW, THAT’S COOL. We chose low cost, high impact items to give that WOW-worthy moment. Our picks were: custom designed card, custom tissue paper, custom packing tape, and our gift experience lookbook. 

So there you have it, folks. The moral of the story is that creating this type of experience does not have to be expensive or overly complicated. Especially when you have the right strategic partner by your side. [Please excuse us while we make our sales pitch now] If you want to connect with our team to create your own tool kit or any other awesome experience we can dream up together, get started here

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