Creative Crafton Tull Case Study

Crafton Tull is an award-winning civil engineering, surveying, architecture, landscape architecture, and planning firm with more than 200 employees working across Arkansas and Oklahoma. For more than 50 years, Crafton Tull has sought to improve communities through design. That mission continues to be the driving force behind the firm’s extensive portfolio of work. 

Every year, Crafton Tull hand-delivers holiday gifts to their top clients as a thank you for their ongoing business partnership. Last year, the firm enlisted Creative to help them come up with a fresh idea for their 2019 holiday gift. 


Since many of these gifts would be delivered to offices with multiple people, they wanted to incorporate some food items so the gifts could be shared. We created a fully branded gift box that contained custom branded canisters filled with small-batch snacks like mini chocolate cookies, trail mix, chocolate covered pretzels, and more. 

While food gifts are definitely a crowd-pleaser, they also wanted to include something that would leave a lasting impression for the Crafton Tull brand once the snacks were consumed. In each box, one of the branded canisters was clear and filled with two pairs of custom-designed Crafton Tull socks. Talk about a real surprise and delight moment!


Creative partnered with Crafton Tull to conceptualize and design the boxes, canisters, and socks, and coordinate logistics for delivery of the kitted gift boxes to  6 different locations at the beginning of December, so the account teams in each region could hand-deliver a memorable gift experience to their clients before holiday vacations started. 

As Q4 quickly approaches and planning for a holiday season unlike any before begins, we want to share this awesome example of how you can create a wow-worthy gift experience with a little bit of planning and a great partner, like Creative. Major shout-out to Crafton Tull for thinking differently and exploring new creative (no pun intended) ideas!

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