CLIENT LOVE: How Ropeswing is Serving Their Community



Ropeswing Group is at the forefront of the hospitality industry in Northwest Arkansas.  Those operations include Pressroom, The Preacher’s Son, Undercroft, RECORD, The Holler, LOUISE, BlakeSt House and CO-OP.  Between their concepts, they’ve got you covered from breakfast to dinner, drinks and more.  Most notably included in that ‘more’ is shuffleboard at The Holler.  While the lights are dim on the shuffleboard court for now, Ropeswing remains a transformative force in the community by living up to their values as they continue to navigate this ever-evolving situation.  

Ropeswing CEO, Kurt Berman refers to the organization’s Culture of Care as a guiding principle:  

“We are a people organization, first and foremost, and our Culture of Care extends to our customers, partners, team members and the community. I believe that Ropeswing has a significant responsibility to bolster the hospitality industry in Northwest Arkansas.” 


Ropeswing has been leading a collaboration with Brightwater, NWACC Foundation, Tyson Foods and local farms and purveyors to provide hundreds of healthy meals a week to frontline hospital workers across Northwest Arkansas.  Taking care of hospital workers AND local farms?  Our hearts are warm.  Their hope is that these free meals will make the health care workers better equipped to take care of the community members during the COVID-19 pandemic. The logistics of the meal preparation start with multiple workstations set up in Brightwater and Ropeswing’s kitchens, with specific care taken to follow the social distancing guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Once the meals are prepared, they are delivered by Summit Aviation Bentonville.  Teamwork, we love it! 

All of the Ropeswing concepts have been following suit with most other restaurants in the area by offering a variety if pickup and delivery food options to NWA patrons who are missing the days of slurping Ramen at CO-OP or getting their brunch on at Pressroom. You can get your fix with either their takeout options or a meal subscription.  What’s this meal subscription??  Family-style meals delivered to your doorstep, that’s what.  Ropeswing challenged their teams to get creative, “thinking of what you want to eat at home – from family-style meals to comforting bowls of ramen to meal kits.”


Last but not least, Ropeswing is fortunate to be in a position to continue paying its employees.  Kurt explained why this is so important to the overall health of their community. “By continuing to pay our employees, they are able to take care of their families and, in turn, contribute to our community. This is a time for creative thinking, and we are getting crafty behind the scenes – with many roles changing, new hats being worn and job descriptions constantly evolving. I am so proud and grateful to be part of such a resourceful bunch, who are thinking on their feet and rolling with the punches, every single day.”  SAME, Ropeswing. SAME. 

Follow @lifeatropeswing to stay up-to-date on their latest offering and how you can help the NWA Medical Meals Fund.  

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