creative + slim chickens

Slim Chickens is about bringing good food and southern hospitality to a convenient, casual setting and that’s what keeps thousands of loyal customers coming back. Slim Chickens shows appreciation for these customers by helping local nonprofits with fundraisers, donating food to community events and taking every opportunity they can to give back to their communities. 

Slim Chickens is rapidly growing, adding new stores and franchises all the time. Store Opening Teams are gathered from established stores and sent to the new sites to help with setup and staff training. The Slim Chickens Development Team had been giving standard Slims swag to each team after an opening, but they wanted to refine their approach and create unique gifts especially for these opening teams. The gifts needed to be cool, personalizable, unique to each team, and travel-friendly. The Slim’s and Creative teams worked together to select appropriate merchandise for the diverse teams, and to design the gifts based on the Slim Chickens brand and culture.

Each of the new Slim Chickens locations has its own custom guitar mural to unify the stores. The mural displays that place’s particular personality, while the guitar is symbolic of that classic cool factor and the southern music culture that fuels the brand. We decided to incorporate the guitar mural concept into the design of many of the store opening gifts, to commemorate each specific opening for the team who works hard to set it up for success.

The gifts were a great improvement over standard Slim’s swag. The program has continued, with new gift sets for new opening teams, since many of the team members work on multiple opening teams. The gift program is a great way to show appreciation for the teams’ hard work and celebrate the special experience of a grand opening.  

We loved the challenge of finding unique, customizable gifts that the teams would appreciate and be able to use again and again. The work that these teams do is intensive and takes them out of their normal routine, so it’s important to recognize them and honor their contribution to the company.