Creative + Arvest

Arvest is a network of community banks serving Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas. The Arvest brand focuses on community involvement and a personal customer experience: the mission is “people helping people find financial solutions for life.” Banks are led at the community level, in order for leadership and associates to be involved in the communities they serve.

With this unique structure, it’s especially important for Arvest to present a cohesive experience of their brand and mission at all locations. One key to this is the universally-worn Blue Badge: a simple, first-name-only name tag that reinforces the Arvest way of interacting with customers person to person, immediately putting each customer on a “first name basis” with associates.

Creative is proud to produce the Blue Badges for locations throughout the Arvest network, engraving each magnetic badge with the Arvest wordmark and the associate’s name.

The badge has become a brand symbol for Arvest, representing their values and mission. Their customer experience handbook is called The Blue Badge Book, and it includes the “Fully Dressed Rule: I am not fully dressed until I am wearing my nametag.” It also states that “the Blue Badge carries years of positive qualities” that each associate, and each customer experience, should live up to.

For Creative, the Blue Badge represents exactly what we want to achieve in all our work, an object that embodies the values, brand, and mission of a company with intention and simplicity. The Blue Badge has become meaningful enough to signify the “positive qualities” of Arvest, and it brings employees across all levels and locations together with a shared element that signifies all their less-tangible values in common.

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